Dear one,

It is a joy and an honor to have the opportunity to connect with you here. And to walk by your side guiding you back to your divine essence.

The confusion, self-doubt, emptiness, and dissatisfaction that you have been suffering silently... inner turmoil. It's all part of the great awakening, we as women, have been experiencing. This internal struggle heralds a time of rebirth for you. It's not that you are becoming someone else, but rather becoming more of who you truly are.

A divine being of light in all her greatness who knows who she is, fully trusts herself and enjoys life with all her heart while every day unfolds with meaning and purpose.

If part of you says "this sounds too good to be true," I understand. For over three decades of my life, I had no idea this kind of life was possible. But my soul knew better and found ways to show me the path to my divine self. Just like your soul, now is showing you the path back to your divine self and has managed to find me and the Alturas website. I don't believe in coincidences, but in a wise divine universe that is very intentional. Your presence here tells me that you are ready to embrace your deepest truth, stand in your power, acknowledge the voice of your wise soul and illuminate our world with your divine light. Your light is so needed, more than you could ever imagine.

By doing what it takes - the work - to shine your light, you are not only uplifting this world, our brothers and sisters, you are claiming the happiness and profound sense of fulfillment that comes with emerging as the divine woman you were born to be. I am here to share with you divine transmissions, valuable tools, techniques, and life-changing teachings that are meant to reawaken your soul and serve as the catalyst for your divine self to emerge. I am here to guide you and support you on this journey every step of the way.

~ Q'orianka


Divine Woman Emergence VIP Program



What is the Divine Woman Emergence Program?

The Divine Woman Emergence Program is a four-month one-on-one custom made live program with me. The program is designed for awakening women struggling with confusion, self-doubt, feelings of emptiness and dissatisfaction in their personal or professional life, despite all outward appearances of success.




I will guide you on a deep inner journey of reconnection with your divine self.



I take you through this inner journey in a safe, peaceful container of life transformation while I act as a channel for life healing and activate your return to your divine essence. 

As you walk wholeheartedly the path of the Divine Woman Emergence Program with my guidance, you will start to experience life in a new way.


You will engage with life in a way that will result in you creating a new life for yourself, one of knowing, one of clarity, one of self-trust, purpose and satisfaction in which you are free from struggle to lead confidently with your divinity.


Who is the Divine Woman Emergence for?

It was designed for you:

The smart awakening woman who desires a meaningful life of happiness and satisfaction... 

But if you are still wondering “Is this program for me?”, I want to ask you something:


  • Have you been questioning yourself; choices you made years earlier and the meaning of life?


  • Are you feeling confused about who you are and where your life is going?


  • Do you secretly feel disappointed, dissatisfied, sad and unhappy because of dreams unmet?


  • When you look back and think of your life, do you ask yourself: Is this all there is?


  • Do you secretly feel ashamed to be unhappy?


  • Are you feeling exhaustion, boredom or discontentment with life or with your lifestyle (including people and things) that previously provided fulfillment?


  • Are you afraid family and friends would judge you and tell you that "you have no right to be unhappy with your life" because your life looks great from the outside?


  • Are you struggling with inner crisis, feeling restless, craving to discover yourself, your greatness, what it is for and finally live with passion?


If I hear you say "yes!" to one or more than one of the above and you are done with procrastination, excuses and struggle, then I have created this program for you!


Want in on The Divine Woman Emergence Program?


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Below are two of the many women that have walked on the path of life transformation with me to make the life they desire happen. Now it's your turn to move forward and embody your divine greatness.



A truly amazing shift: from paralyzed by fear to fearless

"The program has helped me with loving myself more, taking back my power, work on issues with trust etc. Above it all, the program has created a truly amazing shift. Before the program, I was extremely afraid of what people in my surrounding would think and say if I was living my Life Purpose. This fear has made me inhibited and paralyzed.

But... I'm not afraid anymore!! I'm SO grateful!! I can highly recommend working with Q'orianka and taking this program!"

Cecilia Freij Tengroth - Stockholm, Sweden




Fully Aligned with her soul purpose                          

"One of my businesses was, well, technically failing or falling apart. ... Q'orianka helped me access my inner strength and remember my life purpose vision from a very deep spiritual place.

Her gentle guidance and love allowed me to access inspiration from above... We are now on track to six-figures, and are fully aligned with my soul purpose!

Thank you Q'orianka!"

Dr. Amanda Noelle - Twin Flame Matchmaker & Founder of Aphrodite University, San Diego, CA.



           Ready to get started?           C

laim happiness & make a difference in the world by emerging as  divine  You .


Take a stand for yourself and shine your light

You can look forward to...

  • Gaining clarity on what is keeping you stuck deep inside and why you have not achieved the happiness and true feeling of success you were expecting to receive yet.


  • Decoding your past life experiences, discovering the valuable gifts hidden in them and using them as assets to step into your greatness.


  • Letting go of drama, depression, anxiety and stress once and for all. You know you are here on Mother Earth to be happy. I will help you claim it as your divine right!


  • Reclaiming confidence, power and the life of freedom and fulfillment you have admired (and even envied) others for having but could not understand why despite outward success that was not how you felt about yourself.


  • Stepping into radical forgiveness to make room in your heart for MORE love and joy.


  • Falling in love with yourself, all of you, and seeing yourself with pride in the way Divine Spirit does.


  • Never feel alone again. Receive the guidance and assistance of your spiritual guides from the Inca lineage and beyond from now on. 


  • Discover your sacred life purpose, align with it and make it a reality with ease and grace. As a natural result receive clients, money and a deep sense of freedom and accomplishment.


  • No more confusion. Actively create the next chapter of your life following practical steps and embrace a mindset and principles that will serve you well time and time again for life.


  • Getting high-level life healing and mentorship so you can enjoy life fully and have a great impact in the world.

Only you have the power to start the journey

Let's talk and discover what the Divine Woman Emergence Program can do for you and if this is the right fit to get started. I am only about guiding and mentoring women who this program is right for. If this program does turn out to be the one for you, I will help you figure out next steps. 


      Client Love


A Customized program as unique as you Are

How Does Your Emergence Program Work?

The Divine Woman Emergence Program sessions are scheduled once a week for the duration of the four month program. Sessions are live through online audio conference. We will create your personalized program from my extensive signature Welcome Packet to complete after you sign up for the program and before we begin our 1:1 calls and from weekly Check In forms that will keep us focused on what you need to receive from me and the program in present time. During the sessions, you will receive powerful, yet practical easy to use tools and techniques to assist you to achieve your goals with ease.  

As we dive into your sessions and you embrace new believes, apply action steps and life enhancing spiritual practices, we will create a shift from the inside out. One that gives you freedom from self-doubt, sadness, shame, dissatisfaction, struggle... and any other low energy, heavy emotional baggage that has been keeping you away from true happiness, satisfaction and a life of deep meaning. You can look forward to getting real positive results in all areas of life in alignment with your authentic divine essence.


We bridge the modern Western approach with Eastern spiritual influence and ancient spiritual Inca and shamanic wisdom and work at the psychological, spiritual and energy levels to catalyze your return back to your divine essence.

As a result, your life will be transformed forever.


Below, see a list of some of the topics which we may cover when working together. The Divine Woman Emergence Program is a custom made program, therefore, the topics we work on and how much time we devote to each one will depend on your unique needs and your own process.



Expand your capacity to love yourself and receive more love from others and the universe.

Establish lasting daily rituals for deep self-love to help you call in and receive what you desire in life. 

Let go of shame and self-judgement and open the door to inner peace and harmony.



Never feel anxious and fearful again about "being stuck" or "feeling lost" and secretly unhappy with life the way it is. Instead, tap into your soul's knowing about what it's possible for you and confidently make it happen.

Liberate yourself from debilitating fears of the unknown, failure and hurting loved ones doing what you want and just being you.

Overcome your fears around being judged by people to be full expression of who you truly are in all your divinity. 


Connect with the source of your personal power like never before and remain in your power in all areas of life.

Learn how to stay in your power even when pressure to please others and live up to other's expectations is high. 

Burst any limiting believes and blocks to what is holding you back from creating the life of joy and satisfaction that is meant to be for you.



Claim freedom from heavy dark energies, emotions and events from the past that have been a hidden burden. It's time to be in the light and freedom of the divine woman you are.

Transform overwhelm and struggle into peace and ease while you flow with life.

Discover your endless ability to create your life and manifest your reality at any stage of your life in total freedom.

Wise Soul

Open the channels of communication with your higher self and have access to your highest knowing always. 

Learn the art of creating every day based on divinely guided decisions for your highest good. 

Illuminate your life's path and the life journey of everyone around you with your high frequency and your ability to channel divine wisdom.


Confidently make decisions timely and effectively.

Overcome doubt and negative mental chatter that undermine self-trust, paralyze you and keep you from taking action.

Journey into the depths of who you are to find crystal clear knowing of what is a "yes" and what is a "no" for you, even in the most confusing situations.


Your Mission

Finally understand the real meaning hidden in your most painful and confusing life experiences and how they relate to your life purpose. Hone in on your unique gifts and abilities and celebrate the joy of accomplishment. 

Find your big "why" and devote your life to meaningful service to contribute to make this a better world for all.

Craft with passion a legacy for humanity made out of love and light that honors your divine nature.



Is it your time to take the leap into joy and a life of meaning?

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Stop waiting and trying to "figure it out" alone.

Now it's the time to receive expert support and guidance. Let's create the shift together.


The highest level of commitment

Saying "Yes" to Yourself

Emerging in your divine essence   

In the Divine Woman Emergence Program, you are held in a sacred container of unconditional love where you are safe to be seen and safe to transmute the heavy burden of past life choices, shame, fears, self-doubt and dissatisfaction with life into a life of freedom from those low energies. As you go through this process, you will start to discover and connect with your divine light within.

You will gain a new awareness of who you truly are, why you have had the experiences you had and why you are the divine woman you are and your purpose here on Mother Earth. Finally, everything will make sense. You won't have to doubt yourself anymore or be afraid of making wrong choices. You will emerge and take your rightful place in this world as the divine woman you were born to be. It will be my honor to assist you in this beautiful process of rebirth and witness how you craft your legacy for humanity by shining your light in the unique way only You can.

Take the first step.

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