Hello, I am


I am an Inca High Priestess and guide for awakening women who want to step into their sacred destiny and live authentically in their divine essence.

I’m devoted to assisting women around the world to successfully navigate the healing process and midwife their rebirth into a new life through high ceremony based upon traditional Inca and Amazonian plant medicine. I come from an ancient healing tradition of the Inca lineage.

In my work as a priestess, I continue sharing these ancient spiritual practices and teachings as part of my ancestral legacy.

I work with a wide range of women from all walks of life from stay home mothers, to creative artists, career women, influential thought leaders, high corporate success and CEO’s.

I’m currently sharing teachings and light through my monthly podcast “DivineEssence”.

For more information about my work contact me or email me to qori@alturasspiritualjourneys.com



This is my story

I am an Inca High Priestess and Sacred Transformational Guide. For hundreds of years the Inca, my grandparents, practiced life healing ceremonies and I continue with their ancestral legacy in my work now as a priestess.

I take awakening women on the most amazing inner journey of healing and life transformation through group and private ceremonial immersion retreats in the sacred land of Cusco-Peru and through distance mentorship programs so they can free themselves from old heavy baggage from the past and step into their divine essence.

This is how it all began

It all started with a broken life: Jessica's life

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Disowning the voice of my soul, I made important life choices that resulted in struggling silently with depression within a marriage and career in nursing I later let go of to return to my essence and fulfill my sacred life purpose.

Depression, self-doubt, anxiety and poor self-esteem getting worst by the minute were my everyday reality in my twenties.

When I left my marriage I touched rock bottom.

Immersed  in drama, I lost my family and life as I knew it, to later find myself lonely in my apartment in a small First Nations reserve in a remote Canadian island far away from the life of comfort in the city, the love of my parents, family and support I once knew and took for granted.

What I did not know then, is that these dark times was the path my soul had chosen to have a rebirth through a spiritual awakening.

Two majestic eagles, known by First Nations people as the messengers of the Divine, landed on my balcony in the First Nations reserve I was working as a rural nurse at the time. I received a divine transmission from one of them when we both looked into each other’s eyes.


From there, something had changed forever. I woke up and was propelled to heal my own life. Through synchronistic events, I was guided to mentors, Reiki energy work and to heal with Inca – Shamanic Amazonian healing techniques and spirituality in the ancient traditions of my ancestors in Cusco-Peru.

As I was healing my own life, I started a process of remembrance of my sacred life mission. Ancient memories of my sacred purpose came back to me. I followed the guidance of my soul to rediscover my own divine essence and my purpose as the high priestess, channel of ancient wisdom, spiritual guide and healer that I am.

I knew that many awakening women who feel lonely, still trapped in drama from the past and identity crisis and women ready for a big leap in growth and expansion to be the best version of themselves in service to all need the powerful indigenous medicine of my ancient lineage and sacred land that had freed me from struggling with drama, poor self-esteem and helped me rediscover my inner power and natural abilities to embody my life mission.

I founded Alturas Shining Light Spiritual Journeys, a company dedicated to providing women with life healing transformational services virtually and through sacred ceremonial immersion retreats in Cusco-Peru, with the same Inca and Amazonian ancestral wisdom and indigenous spiritual healing ceremonies that transformed my life, as the cornerstone of our work together.

In February 2013, I lead the first life transformational retreat in Cusco-Peru with the same trusted team of heart centered healers I work with today, my soul-mate husband who is a highly intuitive Inca Priest walking by my side in the spiritual path of the Inca lineage and my own spiritual guides.

At the end of 2013, I was walking down the street in a Peruvian town in the Andes, when to my surprise, I got the revelation that one day I would receive a spiritual name in 'quechua', the Inca language. The women I serve would know me by that name for years to come. I was not to look for my spiritual name, but to wait and allow it to come to me.

I wanted to help women heal, free themselves from struggle and transform their lives to be truly happy, in their power and finding deep meaning in their lives, every day.


In June 2017, in a small rural town in Cusco, I received from an indigenous local little girl, with her blessings, the Quechua spiritual name the Apus (spirit guides of the Mountains) had announced long ago:

Q'orianka meaning "Golden Eagle"

During all these years, since the first sacred transformational retreat I lead in 2013, many women from all over the world and all walks of life have healed with us.

I have midwifed the rebirth of stay home mothers, mothers with their daughters, best friends, creative artists, healers, TEDx speakers, writers, influential thought leaders, entrepreneurs, career women, high corporate success and CEO’s.

I have had the privilege to hold their hand in the healing process and assist them to create a new life for themselves. A life of joy in their authentic divine essence. 

My favorite part of guiding awakening women on a profound process of healing and life transformation is lovingly supporting them and witnessing their rebirth because my sacred work allows me to contribute to their creation of a new fulfilling life of happiness in their divine essence and as they share their essence with everyone around them, we together create a ripple effect making this a better world for all. 

When I am not guiding sacred transformational retreats and mentoring women through Alturas Spiritual Journeys, I like to bake up a storm in the kitchen with my soulmate husband Peter, and enjoy family time with him and our “puppy” Estrella.

I am available to find out together how I can assist you. Schedule a no-cost consultation with me.



"Alturas" is Spanish for heights.

I heard the word "Alturas" during meditation while I received the image of two snow-covered Andean Mountains with the sun rising between them. My vision was showing me the Divinity of the Andean mountains and I felt inspired to found Alturas Shining Light Spiritual Journeys, as a response to this divine calling.

I made a commitment to dedicate my life to serve the divine in  every woman willing to let go of secret self-doubt, unhappiness and dissatisfaction to claim the authentic purposeful life of happiness that is meant to be for them.

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The Eagle


The Condor

If you are suffering deep inside despite “having it all” … secretly feeling self-doubt, feeling lost, overwhelmed, unhappy, dissatisfied or in crisis in your personal or professional life – and you tell yourself “this doesn’t make sense”, I want you to know this:

There is a great change taking place on our planet right now. We are living the time of the Great Awakening. The Incas - my ancestors – spoke of this time long ago, the Fifth Pachakuti, the 500 year cycle we are currently living that began in the 1990’s. They referred to it as the Taripay Pacha, meaning that the time is now “to meeting ourselves again”. Hundreds of years ago, the Inca prophesied that this time cycle would create a portal for the Eagle and Condor to fly together in one sky to give birth to a new world. One in which we live in greater harmony with our divine nature & authentic selves.

Here I am, a Peruvian-Canadian, born and raised in Peru (the south) who had a powerful spiritual awakening in Canada (the north) and was divinely guided to make the journey back to her ancient spiritual origins in the land of the Inca, Cusco – Peru, to embody the modern day Inca High Priestess and Shamanic Healer Guide I was born to be.

I am both at the same time, the Eagle & the Condor.

But, the Incas spoke about you and me too, sister.

Legend says you and me are the Eagle from the North & the Condor from the South and together we have the opportunity to create the reality of the condor and the eagle flying together in the sky united, to reach a higher level of consciousness for humanity.

As granddaughter of the Condor lineage, it is my calling to fulfill my ancestor’s prophecy. And I have come forward to unite with you in sisterhood to guide you on your journey to embody your divinity and to contribute to create the new humanity together.

But to do this, one needs to be willing to shed old layers of patterns and believes we were conditioned into that are keeping us stuck and in struggle. Are you willing to do the work? I am right here for you.


Her Creed

Choosing an inspired life of authenticity over living by the rules to be the embodiment of her higher self in service to women.

Serving as a channel for the divine to heal the life of those who are ready to be whole and step into the journey of an extraordinary life of meaning and purpose.

Embracing her sacred mission bestowed on her by her wise ancestors as one of the very few modern day female Pampamesayoc Inca Priestesses in a world of male healers in her lineage.

Creating sacred containers for women like you to claim freedom from the illusion of limitation and separation to flow with the universe as a powerful co-creator of your world. 

Unified by a love for Pachamama (Mother Earth) and the commitment to assist the women who live in it reconnect with their divine essence.

Nourishing in the temple of the heart a deep connection with Pachamama, the Spirits of the Mountains, Teacher Plants and ancestors through immersion in ceremony to work together hand in hand with them to support women’s life transformation.