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Life Healing Transformational Immersion


Zoe Tryon testimonial.png
Q’orianka is a beautiful, wise, nurturing soul whose mission is to create positive transformation in the lives of others.

Any woman who has the opportunity to work with her is truly blessed.
— Zoe Tryon. Activist, environmentalist, writer. United Kingdom.

Rose Cole Quote.png
Thank you for the transformational work you do.

You made a huge impact in my life. You are such a light in the world!
— Rose Cole. High Priestess Training. rosecole.com

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Divine Woman Emergence


Paula Quote.jpeg
Q’orianka is the embodiment of light and beauty. She knows how to tap into your divinity in a way I saw many few people do.

Her powerful healing soul will guide you to an unforgettable journey of uncovering your truth and live free to create the life of your dreams.
— Paula Lacobara. Beauty Mentor. skinbeautywellness.com

featured client stories - Retreat in Cusco & Machu Picchu, Peru


Sacred Soul Journey


Julie McAfee Quote.png
When I first met Q’orianka I knew she was special. Her healing abilities are a channel to the divine. Q’orianka is a beautiful healer that guides women in one of the most magnificent places on earth.

What a gift it is to know her and have a connection to travel in such a sacred space as the beautiful Andes of Peru. Thank you Q’orianka for your commitment to the work.
— Julie McAfee. Oracle, mentor & confidant of Sacred Soul Wisdom. juliemcafee.com