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~ Q'orianka


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Hello! I'm Q'orianka

"Welcome!  I guide awakening women worldwide, just like you, on sacred soul journeys that catalyze a meaningful life of peace, joy and radiant light that shines from within." 

Come with me. Watch the featured video "Feel the sacred..." 



Video clip from the Water Ceremony video from the day after International Soul Art Day. Video produced by: Kevin Thom and used with permission.


"In the sacred containers I create, women free themselves from secret feelings of self-doubt, emptiness, and dissatisfaction that are blocking them from enjoying the deeply fulfilling life they deserve.

I am here to guide women to stand in their divine essence of greatness and create the meaningful life of their dreams." Read the story

~ Q'orianka

Inca High Priestess & Sacred Healer Guide


Creating with you on Soul Art Day, and experiencing the Water Ceremony with you Q’orianka touched my heart so deeply.
You are an Incan Priestess with profound power.
Your beauty radiates
like a stream of ravishing rainbows<3 💛💚💙💜
— Laura Hollick. Soul Artist & visionary guide.


7-Day Life healing Transformational program

* Cusco, Peru *

The Immersion

Heal and create a big shift in your life with the Ceremonial Immersion & Spiritual Mentoring with Q'orianka's expert guidance in Cusco-Peru. 

Immerse in this sacred intensive program that includes heart opening Incan and Amazonian ancient ceremonies to let go of past trauma and inner blocks.

Find clarity about your sacred purpose and give yourself a fresh new start in life, one that leads to true happiness and satisfaction. You deserve this kind of life.

Let's start creating your best life ever! And this is how...


Immersion participant In Soulful Communion with Pachamama

Amazonian Healing Ceremony.jpg

Plant medicine ceremony

Water Ceremony led by Q'orianka on the day after International Soul Art Day. Photo credit: Kevin Thom.

Water Ceremony led by Q'orianka on the day after International Soul Art Day. Photo credit: Kevin Thom.

heartfelt Water Ceremony


life renewal in Inca Thanksgiving Ceremony


Zoe Tryon Quote.png
Q’orianka is a beautiful, wise, nurturing soul whose mission is to create positive transformation in the life of others.

Any woman who has the opportunity to work with her is truly blessed.
— Zoe Tryon. Activist, Environmentalist, Writer. United Kingdom



Divine Woman Emergence

It's time to shine your light! You know by intuition that life can be so much more than you have experienced; that there is a deeper level of feeling good in your own skin and participating in the flow of life. 

You came to this world to be in your greatness and make a difference. Now it's the time to move forward and embody your divine greatness. Let's do this. Find out how.

Paula Quote.jpeg

Q’orianka is the embodiment of light and beauty. She knows how to tap into your Divinity in a way I saw very few people do.

Her powerful healing soul will guide you to an unforgettable journey of uncovering your truth and live free to be and create the life of your dreams.
— Paula Lacobara. Beauty Mentor.




DivineEssence podcast is where awakening women rediscover their sacred nature and embark on an inspired life of happiness and purpose.

I believe that we all can reconnect with and embody our divine essence to live happy fulfilling lives.

My greatest desire is to help you get there. I created DivineEssence podcast to support you on starting the journey with inspiration, teachings, prayer and light transmission.

New episodes are available the 1st Tuesday of the month.

Rose Cole HeadShot Quote.png
Thank you for the transformational work you do. You made a huge impact in my life.

You are such a light in the world!.
— Rose Cole. High Priestess Training.


"Lead with your divine essence."



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