Awaken Your Divine Essence

Find out what an ancient prophecy says about you and me; why it is vital to return to your divine essence and what it takes. On this first episode, I share with you how my journey back to essence began. On the second segment of this episode, join me in prayer and receive Divine Light Transmission.

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Q'oriankaFirst Episode
8 Signs You Are Not In Your Essence

On this episode, we’ll uncover the most common signs of not being in your divine essence and I’ll share the first step you can take to change that. On the second segment of the program, we’ll pray together to become aware of where in our lives we have become disconnected from our divine essence and to have the courage to create the changes that are needed to return to our authentic selves.

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Q'oriankaS1 E2
Your Spiritual Awakening

Did you know that you may still be experiencing your spiritual awakening? Find out if you’re right in the middle of one of the stages of “Your Spiritual Awakening” and one important step you need to take.

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Q'oriankaS2 E2
Life Review

Before you grow by leaps and bounds and start a new life in your essence, you must first get in touch with the past to gain awareness of what transpired and what still needs healing at present.

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Q'oriankaS2 E3