Dear sister,

Life in our modern world can be overwhelming and confusing, so much, that we can even lose touch with ourselves and not even know it, forgetting who we truly are.  At the same time, our modern world offers the false promise of solutions to our overwhelm that are at best brief distractions made of pretty shiny objects and quick fixes to the deep-rooted pain of a woman's soul. At some point, the pain and struggle become unbearable, and something must radically change, now. It's no longer good enough to look like we have it all together and a great life, while in reality, we are feeling like we are dying a little bit more every day deep inside. Our pain and dissatisfaction in life have become a shameful secret. We don't want anyone to know that it is with a heavy heart that we go through the motions every day without finding a way out. I know this feeling all too well. I've been there too. That is why I have created the Life Healing Transformational Immersion in the sacred land of Cusco, Peru. It is the opportunity of a lifetime to stop life as you know it for just a few days to devote yourself to your own life healing and transformation in a sacred and safe container. Rediscover your divine essence and stand in your power as the creator of the life of joy, peace, and fulfillment that is meant to be for you.

To me, the Life Healing Transformational Immersion is a very personal matter dear to my heart.


Because I know with all my heart that creating that kind of life of joy, peace, and deep meaning is possible for you with the ancient Inca and Amazonian healing-transformational ceremonies. I know this to be true. I not only healed my own depression, guilt, deep insecurity, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder years ago with the same Inca and Amazonian healing traditions that are at the core of the Life Healing Transformational Immersion, but I transformed my life completely to live in authenticity, joy, and gratefulness.

And as I journeyed back to my soul in the arms of Pachamama (Mother Earth) in Cusco, I remembered my life purpose as an Inca and shamanic healer and answered the calling of Pachamama, my Inca grandparents, the spirits of the Mountains and teacher plants to be your sacred guide on this one of a kind Immersion.  I desire to take you to the depths of your beautiful soul and to connect deeply with Pachamama to create the life of happiness and deep meaning you deserve.

Find out more about the Immersion below and how we can connect to talk about this unique program.

~ Q'orianka


Life Healing Transformational Immersion

With Q'orianka


What is the Life Healing Transformational Immersion?

The Life Healing Transformational Immersion is a powerful personalized private 7-Day intensive program - a vortex of life healing and transformation. This sacred immersion is open to women ready to stand fully in their power and divine essence to up-level their lives creating the life of happiness, peace, and fulfillment that is meant to be for them. Journey within with my guidance and support through 7 deeply healing and transformational time-tested Incan and Amazonian heart opening ceremonies in the sacred land of the Inca, Cusco-Peru. I will help you prepare, ground and integrate your inner journey.

You will be amazed at what you will learn about yourself and the world around you; the shifts you will experience and the rediscovery of your true divine self in such a short time.

Only seven days. However, this is not a "quick band-aid" kind of remedy. This immersion is a profound healing life-affirming sacred container for your rebirth and your new beginning in life.

After the immersion, life will never be the same again. It will be much more than you ever thought it could be.  


Is the immersion a 1:1 program or can my friend and I join the program?

A unique private sacred experience  

The Life Healing Transformational Immersion is a private intensive program for one woman seeking to experience profound healing, growth and life transformation or two women who are friends or family and wish to walk side by side on this deep journey within.

Keeping the Immersion private and intimate means my team and I can devote all our attention to you and can do personalized in-depth work. This ceremonial Immersion is a rare offering.

I love working with private clients (one to two participants), and sometimes I open up space for very small groups (often four to eight participants) because having small numbers gives us the opportunity to make special soul to soul connections and the depth of work we do together is off the charts.


Message from...

Past Immersion Participant


"Q’oriaka is one of the most genuine, loving and kind-hearted people I have met. During the program, I felt so cared for and supported by her and now I know that I had reconnected with a long-time friend. She is present, intuitive and empathetic. Q'orianka has a way with guiding you to the truth of your soul.

I would recommend Q’orianka to anyone looking to uncover the truth of who they are. She is a wonderful healer, teacher and guide.  I am so grateful we met."

Jamie Wagener, Alchemista of Bliss

The Blissful Kitchen

Illinois, USA

Water Ceremony led by Q'orianka the day after International Soul Art Day. Photo Credit: Kevin Thom.

Water Ceremony led by Q'orianka the day after International Soul Art Day. Photo Credit: Kevin Thom.


Ready to take the next step? 

Let's talk about the Immersion

My intention is to get to know each other and find out together if this Immersion program is the sacred spiritual container your soul has been seeking to go up to your next level of development.   


A complete curated healing experience

The Immersion


Receive Guidance


The Inca were in constant dialogue with Mother Earth and the Apus, spirits of the mountains, receiving counsel from them and support in their everyday life and when the time came to make important decisions. Coca leaves, the sacred leaves of the Inca, were used as a vehicle for communication with them. 


Hundreds of year later, some Inca Priests gifted with the ability to read coca leaves continue practicing this ancient art. Some have attempted to learn how to read coca leaves, but few have been successful at it. Peter has the natural ability to do accurate coca leaf readings for guidance. At the beginning of your immersion, you will have a private coca leaf reading with him to help you gain insight into your life, what may be blocking you and receive helpful advice.  


Let Go of Old Patterns & Heavy Baggage from the Past


Healing - Mentoring Session with Q'orianka.

Healing - Mentoring Session with Q'orianka.

We will visit an Inca sacred site where we will ground in the cleansing energy of Mother Earth. 

I will guide you through a process of self-reflection and healing dialogue followed by an authentic Inca Cleansing Ceremony to release negative patterns and heavy energy and emotions from the past.

Letting go of them will contribute to your wellness and will help you make room for what you truly desire to receive and experience in life.


Get ready to expand! Life is all about expansion.

Taking life to the next level

Taking life to the next level

Preparing for Inca Cleansing Ceremony.

Preparing for Inca Cleansing Ceremony.

Healing Plant Medicine.jpg

Transform Your Life from the Inside Out


If you have been feeling the calling to commune with Grandmother, it is no coincidence. She invites her granddaughters to ceremony to show them the way to a life of wholeness and purpose.

In this immersion, you will have two private plant medicine ceremonies with our trusted heart-centered healer from the Shipibo community and Q'orianka.

Shipibo healer Maestro Juan Carlos initiating Grandmother plant medicine ceremony.

Shipibo healer Maestro Juan Carlos initiating Grandmother plant medicine ceremony.

In this sacred container of love and care, you will have the opportunity to heal negative beliefs about yourself stored at the subconscious level; transform your relationship with yourself, your family and the world around you. This process is powerful and leads to awareness of your real value and divine essence. 

You will receive support and guidance while you stretch, grow and start creating your life transformation from the inside out. You will plant the seed for your new life on purpose. 

A preparation session with Q'orianka; Q + A time with our plant medicine healer leading these ceremonies, and integration sessions are essential components of these ceremonies.  

Amazonian Textile with Healing Design created by a Shipibo 12 year old girl.

Amazonian Textile with Healing Design created by a Shipibo 12 year old girl.



Receive Blessings & Strength


The Thanksgiving Ceremony is a token of gratitude to Mother Earth and Mountain Spirit Guides. A bundle is made with elements of nature that hold the vibration of growth, symbols of power, flowers and many other items that carry positive, life-affirming meaning. By making this offering of gratitude we also give strength to Mother Earth, so that she might go on generating new life.

To receive gifts from Pachamama, our Spirit Guides and the Universe we need to participate in the cycle of giving, receiving and living in gratitude. During the ceremony, we will pray with coca leaves which we will offer to Mother Earth and the Apus for your health, harmonious relationships, work, wellness, and prosperity.

Immersion participant in prayer.

Immersion participant in prayer.

Going within in heartfelt dialogue with Mother Earth.

Going within in heartfelt dialogue with Mother Earth.

Blessings in Inca Thanksgiving Ceremony during the "storm of transformation".

Blessings in Inca Thanksgiving Ceremony during the "storm of transformation".



Deepen Your Connection with Pachamama


Grandfather plant medicine is gentle and heart-opening. Though the name "San Pedro" is masculine it offers a very feminine divine experience. It helps us to open our heart and to connect more deeply with our Spirit Guides and feel our tangible connection to Mother Earth and the Nature Spirits in Cusco's sacred land surrounded by hidden Inca constructions and power places.

This ceremony includes an unforgettable walk in nature while you deepen your communication with Mother Earth and expand your heart with guidance by our heart-centered indigenous Shipibo healer and me.

Peaceful walk in sacred Inca site.

Peaceful walk in sacred Inca site.

Panoramic view from Inca Temple where this ceremony takes place.

Panoramic view from Inca Temple where this ceremony takes place.



Renew Your Life


Receive renewed life force from Great Divine Spirit with blessings from your Nature Spirit Guides, Inca and Shipibo ancestors in the Water Ceremony. Commune in your heart with them during wholehearted inner dialogue and prayers. Attract and receive the support of your Spirit Guides for the blossoming of your new co-creations with the Divine.

This little-known ceremony originated in the fusion of the Incan and Amazonian Shipibo spiritual traditions. Therefore, it is the perfect way to close the Immersion sacred circle on a high note honoring both powerful spiritual medicines of our ancestors that have helped you take your life to the next level.

Creating the Water Ceremony offering on the day after International Soul Art Day. Photo credit: Kevin Thom.

Creating the Water Ceremony offering on the day after International Soul Art Day. Photo credit: Kevin Thom.

Water Ceremony led by Q'orianka the day after International Soul Art Day. Photo Credit: Kevin Thom.

Water Ceremony led by Q'orianka the day after International Soul Art Day. Photo Credit: Kevin Thom.

Sacred Offering in the river.jpg


Feeling the calling to come on this sacred journey within? I am here to process this decision with you.

I am here for you

Every woman who comes on the Life Healing Transformational Immersion does so as a response to their soul's calling to create big shifts within and prepare themselves to co-create with the universe a new life of greater joy, renewed energy, and meaningful service while they stand in their true power.

I believe that saying "Yes" to the Immersion is an honest, heartfelt response to your soul's calling and recognition of this sacred container as the place where your soul has chosen to have you emerge healed, free from old baggage from the past and ready to claim the beautiful life you desire and deserve.  

Find out what you can receive from the Immersion.  


Details about the Immersion

The 7-day Life Healing Transformational Immersion is an intensive program dedicated solely to the transformational healing journey within and deepening of your connection with Mother Earth during healing sessions and ancestral Inca ceremonies in sacred sites in Cusco's countryside and Amazonian ceremonies.

Ground transportation from/to your accommodation - ceremony sites in Cusco city is included.


This sacred transformative immersion has helped many heart centered awakening women like you

Here’s a little glimpse of what they have received


"The immersion in ceremonies was a wonderful miracle; a life altering journey; a gift from the universe; my savior, my source for hope again and my knowing that a new life awaits me.

I felt so extraordinarily supported, safe and loved.

I received many lessons and gifts of enlightenment on these ceremonies. I could not actually believe the transformation that happened within me and the way my experiences and interactions have changed with the world."

~ Jenny Jackson. New York, USA.


"Meeting Q’orianka was a destined soul reunion.

My past history as a pharmacist left me very averse to any type of plant medicine. Despite my apprehension, my soul was clear that I was ready to merge with plant soul medicine.

I immediately understood why my spirit guides insisted that my journey needed to be with Q’orianka...

Q'orianka truly trusted the unfolding of my experience and the divine organization of it all. She offered me the gift of authentic trust. It was not through “teachings” but her being.

I was blessed to receive the profound gift of trust and honoring Pacha Mama. This is what I needed."

~ Sweta Chawla. California, USA.


"I can feel a difference. Friends can feel a difference.

There is more heart energy.

I use what Peru and you beautiful healers taught me and IT IS WORKING.

I feel stronger. Big changes here.

I am so grateful."

Nethe holme - Energy psychological healer. denmark.


"My Ceremonial Immersion experience with Q’orianka was life affirming and transformational. Being at a transition point in my life, Ceremonial Immersion was an opportunity to shed an outgrown version of myself with grace and gratitude. I received the energetic completion I was seeking - like a flower dropping its petals so a new blossom may come forth.

Ceremonial Immersion has empowered me to surrender, trust and allow my Truth to be spoken and acted upon, scary as it may seem at the time. It is in this way we become vibrant and alive, shining our unique light; allowing others to do the same by being who we truly are."

Marlee in Cusco's countryside during the Immersion.

Marlee in Cusco's countryside during the Immersion.




If you would love To heal and transform your life during the sacred immersion too... 

Learn what the Immersion can do for you

Because of the depth, I wish to invite you to into; the first step is to meet with me in a phone interview.