Sweta Chawla - California, USA

"Meeting Q’orianka was a destined soul reunion. I saw an interview with her on a virtual summit and felt intrigued by this Shaman Priestess. I had to meet her. I had been to Peru 8 times and even got married in the magical city of Cusco. However not once had I ever participated in any conscious spiritual awakening ceremonies. My past history as a pharmacist left me very averse to any type of plant medicine. Despite my apprehension, my soul was clear that I was ready to merge with plant soul medicine.

I immediately understood why my spirit guides insisted that my journey needed to be with Q’orianka and my soul brought me to her.

Q'orianka truly trusted the unfolding of my experience and the divine organization of it all. She offered me the gift of authentic trust. It was not through “teachings” but her being. I was blessed to receive the profound gift of trust and honoring Pacha Mama. This is what I needed. Thank you Q'orianka and to your devotional husband Peter."

Sweta Chawla

Retired Professor of Pharmacy | Speaker | Author | Success Coach

California, USA