Daisy Bond - England

Never thought I would meet such incredible people. The journey was an enlightening experience!

Q'orianka has given me so much and in such a kind and gentle way. The ceremonies were beautiful, lots of cleansing and purifying.

It is difficult to put into words my experience as it was so life changing. We went to Apu Ausangate at the end of my stay in Peru which was absolutely beautiful and a incredible way to end the journey. My life has improved. I can now look people in the eyes and engage. I am able to be confident behind my word, starting to express myself and I have now the guidance to start my life again.

I am going back next year to see Q'orianka and experience more life changing moments with her, to grow spiritually, mentally and physically. I am now focusing my energy on how I can make a difference with saving mother earth by making films about how we can tune into nature and save our planet. I am so grateful.

Daisy Bond