Karoline Coleman - USA

“I’m doing great! Some changes were pretty much immediate. I have been eating literally double and it is kind of a big deal because I was eating just the bare minimum for so long. That was all and on itself hard and stressful for me. Eating was not an enjoyable task for me anymore, but since I’ve been back at home, I literally feel like my appetite is been unlocked. I can eat so much more freely now and I’m enjoying eating food again.

I’ve been laughing a lot more often since I came home from Peru. Family and friends have also noticed.

Before, when my boyfriend would get stressed, irritable or in a bad mood that would affect me, I would take that on and get in the same mood. And it would just spiral downwards from there. We knew that was a problem. We just didn’t know how to fix it. But since I returned from the retreat with you, I have not been getting in those moods AT ALL and when he has been in a bad mood, I’ve been his rock. It hasn’t been affecting me and I’ve been able to stay positive in those situations. That’s a rely big change as well.

I just want to thank all of you SO much. I feel so eternally grateful for all of this and for everything you were doing for me in Peru, Q’orianka. I’m doing so good! And I am getting a strong sense that this is just the beginning for me. I already really feel like I want to come back. I know that I’ll be back.”

Karoline Coleman


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