(Video) Sacred Water Ceremony to Connect with Mother Earth and Renew Your Life


One by one, creative women in white flowy dresses walked with me on the moist soil by the river to a green patch under the shade of tall trees.


Video and all photos on this blog post of the Water Ceremony led by Q'orianka the day after International Soul Art Day. Video & Photo Credit: Kevin Thom. Used with permission.


We sat on the ground in a circle in the spirit of sisterhood only a few meters away from a magical ribbon waterfall, to renew our lives and celebrate the completion of our participation in a collaboration that inspired over twelve thousand people around the world. It was an honor and a joy to have participated on International Soul Art Day hosted by Laura Hollick and led the Water Ceremony in Ontario, Canada, in the land that was the home of our grandparents, the Iroquois First Nations.

Photo credit: Kevin Thom.

Photo credit: Kevin Thom.

The Water Ceremony is a very little known ancient practice that originated in the fusion of Incan and Amazonian Shipibo traditions well over 500 years ago.

This sacred practice is a testament to the cultural and spiritual exchange between the Incan and Amazonian tribes from Peru. They learned from each other and embraced each other’s wisdom and ways to work with the living energy of the universe. At present, it is a rare ceremony very few have ever experienced.

As a spiritual healer, I feel blessed to have been permitted to perform this beautiful ceremony by my spiritual guide from the Shipibo tribe.

This ceremony responds to our deep-rooted spiritual needs of being, renewing our life energy, and cultivating a relationship with our Spirit Guides, both our ancestors and nature spirit guides. Our modern world does not teach us any of that. On the contrary, it distracts us from being in communion with ourselves and the spirit world with its busy daily routine. As a result, we neglect the needs of our soul and become disconnected from our divine essence. 

The consequences are very real:

We may feel tired, stuck in some area of life, dissatisfied, depressed, lonely and doubt our value and purpose in this world.

Photo credit: Kevin Thom.

Photo credit: Kevin Thom.

The Water Ceremony opens up a portal between this earthly realm of existence and the spirit realm to BE.

This is where you can renew your life-force nourished by Mother Earth; realign with your soul and unite with the divine spirits of the plants, mountains, and ancestors as our ancient lineages have done for centuries.

What a beautiful way to strengthen yourself; create a meaningful connection with your Spirit Guides and purposeful life of happiness. 

Photo credit: Kevin Thom.

Photo credit: Kevin Thom.

The ceremony consists of special prayers and an offering to our Spirit Guides which I create for you on a traditional plant dyed Shipibo textile.

The embroidery on the textile itself is full of meaning. The vibrantly colorful handmade designs on the fabric are the visual representation of plant medicine healing chants called “Icaros” in the Shipibo language.

These designs contribute their energy frequency to the offering. The offering is made of elements that carry to Mather Earth, and our Spirit Guides your prayers, gratefulness and celebration for present and future blessings and your co-creations with the Divine.

Photo credit: Kevin Thom.

Photo credit: Kevin Thom.

You can bring items that are meaningful to you, often elements from nature, to be added in the offering. Among a variety of things, you can bring flowers, candies, and cookies as they carry the frequency of beauty and sweetness of life that you desire to experience.

In this indigenous ceremony, you attract the support of your Spirit Guides for the blossoming of your new creations in life by: 

  • Initiating a dialogue in your heart with Mother Earth, our ancestors, and Nature Spirit Guides.

  • Intentionally bringing to your awareness not only what you are grateful for, but also what you desire to co-create with the Divine.

  • By connecting with your sincere desire and love for your life vision.

Photo credit: Kevin Thom.

Photo credit: Kevin Thom.


While I place each item in a certain way to create the offering as others in my spiritual lineage have done for many generations before, you participate by preparing elements for the offering and plugging flower petals as an act of love and gratefulness to Mother Earth and your Spirit Guides.


Throughout the Water Ceremony, you can experience communion with Mother Earth and your Spirit Guides in a heartfelt personal prayer while the sound of the flowing water of the river, the singing of the birds and buzzing of other life in the background contribute to taking our souls somewhere between the worlds to meet them.

Photo credit: Kevin Thom.

Photo credit: Kevin Thom.


When the offering is ready, you can infuse your intentions, love, and gratefulness on it. After you receive personal blessings and we pray for your new life, we take the offering to the river.

Water is one of the most feminine expressions of Mother Earth. It keeps our life vision and desires safe as the spirit of the water carries in its dancing currents your prayers and intentions infused in the flower petals and each element of the offering to the heart of Mother Earth and your Spirit Guides to transmute your life vision into a beautiful reality in present time. It is a magical moment that takes your breath away and stays with you forever.

All images on this blog post are from the Water Ceremony led by Q'orianka the day after International Soul Art Day. Photo credits: Kevin Thom.

All images on this blog post are from the Water Ceremony led by Q'orianka the day after International Soul Art Day. Photo credits: Kevin Thom.


Wondering how  you can experience the life-renewing Water Ceremony?


The Water Ceremony takes place in a sacred area of Cusco’s countryside during the Ceremonial Immersion & Spiritual Mentoring program.

Photo credit: Kevin Thom.

Photo credit: Kevin Thom.

The Immersion is a profound healing-life affirming sacred ceremonial container for women ready to let go of heavy emotional baggage from the past and old believes that have been blocking them to stand in their divine essence while up-leveling their lives.

The Water Ceremony is one of seven beneficial heart opening Inca and Amazonian ceremonies included in the Immersion.

Can you imagine the amazing transformational effect of these seven authentic, time-tested ceremonies?

Each ceremony is powerful and beautiful in its own unique way. The result of all of them together in the Immersion is the catalyst effect that will help you create the significant shift in your life you have been yearning for. If this experience sounds like something that could change everything for you, let’s find out together how the Immersion can help you at depth. To do so, book a complimentary consultation with me.




Q’orianka is an Inca High Priestess and Sacred Transformational Guide who works with awakening women to heal their lives, rediscover their divine essence and step into their sacred destiny.

She comes from an ancient healing tradition of the Inca lineage in deep connection with Pachamama and spirits of nature.

Q’orianka midwifes women’s rebirth into a new life through high ceremony based upon traditional Inca and Amazonian plant medicine. She continues with the thousands of years old legacy of her ancestors in her work now as a priestess.

For more information about Q’orianka’s work, visit the Alturas Spiritual Journeys Home Page.