Q'orianka's team in sacred land

Heart centered healers stand by your side, fully honoring and supporting your growth and life transformation. Meet the Alturas Spiritual Journeys team of Inca and Amazonian healers in Cusco.

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He is an intuitive Inca Priest and healer who belongs to the ancient Q’ero’s spiritual lineage. Peter leads Inca ceremonies and works as shaman assistant in Ayahuasca ceremonies. Peter and Q’orianka have been married for 5 years and share the love for their spiritual-healing tradition and deep connection with their ancestors often performing Inca ceremonies together and working as a team to deliver sacred retreats for women where Peter ensures good flow of the retreat and offers support providing a safe loving container for the sacred retreats participants from the male perspective. Peter loves to offer women the opportunity to have a real life experience of what it feels like to be ONE with Mother Earth and the Universe.

Peter has the natural ability to do enlightening Inca coca leaf readings for guidance. He is also a Reiki Master (energy work modality) with the ability of clairvoyance. He is a tennis coach, an expert cook who owned a touristic holistic restaurant and a sociologist with a Bachelor Degree.



A heart centered Pampamesayoc Inca Priest healer from the Q'ero community, the last descendants of the Inca. He has been serving people and working collaboratively with Q'orianka for many years. He and his father who is an elder Altomesayoc Inca Priest, are Q'orianka's spiritual guides in the Inca spiritual-healing tradition. Currently "maestro" (teacher) Lorenzo - as Q'orianka calls him - and her are guiding very few select women on two very special pilgrimages: "Pilgrimage to the base of Mountain Apu Ausangate" (mountain spirit guide) and "Pilgrimage to the Q'ero village".


Juan Carlos

He is our head plant medicine healer from the Shipibo community of Ucayali (Peruvian Amazon) who was initiated at a young age in the plant medicine spiritual healing tradition by his grandfather.  Juan Carlos, who is Q'orianka's spiritual guide, is a very experienced gifted "maestro" healer who is committed to serving people. He is a wise ancient soul and has a deep sense of integrity and love for people, the spirits of the plants and his sacred work with plant medicine. The ceremonial team and maestro Juan Carlos have been working together to provide ceremonies collaboratively with much success through Alturas Spiritual Journeys for many years serving awakening spiritual women.


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