Chloe Rain - Virginia, USA

I have been working with Q’orianka for almost 9 months after returning from the sacred journey with her in Peru. Q’orianka is a modern day healer and Shaman able to bridge both the contemporary world of coaching and the ancient world of Shamanism. She can see, feel, and interpret symbols and messages from spirit in such a way that will give you clarity and insight into your most burning and confusing questions about life. She has a strong connection with the spirit world and a deep understanding of nature and the meaning both bring into our lives.  She is able to guide you and navigate you to a deeper understanding of your purpose on this earth.

Her healing methods have helped to integrate my individual and professional goals and strengthen my spiritual awareness on a Universal level so that I have been able to internalize this awareness and birth my soul's purposeful work into this world.  I highly recommend working with Q’orianka to connect to and deepen your understanding of your spiritual purpose in your business and personal life.

Chloe Rain

Photographer, Writer, Inspirationalist

Virginia, USA