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Sweta Chawla - California, USA

“Q'orianka truly trusted the unfolding of my experience and the divine organization of it all. She offered me the gift of authentic trust.”

"Meeting Q’orianka was a destined soul reunion. I saw an interview with her on a virtual summit and felt intrigued by this Shaman Priestess. I had to meet her.”

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Chloe Rain - Virginia, USA

Integrated her individual and professional goal and strengthen her spiritual awareness.

“I have been working with Q’orianka for almost 9 months after returning from the sacred journey with her in Peru. Q’orianka is a modern day healer and Shaman able to bridge both the contemporary world of coaching and the ancient world of Shamanism.”

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Juliet Kapsis - Connecticut, USA

“I was able to ride out some serious storms through the guidance of Q'orianka.”

"When I spoke with Q’orianka on the phone, I felt that she was a real person. There was no judgement, only a peaceful and powerful woman sharing with and listening to me. Her insights on the first call were enough to let me know I was on to something big in my life.”

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Birgitte Baadegaard - Denmark

'Returned home' to her soul and regained hope and trust in her divine purpose.

"Dearest Q'orianka, thank you for a mind blowing, reflective and beautiful journey with you in February. My insights are profound and I am already redirecting my life just a few weeks after returning to my family.”

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