Francisca Moroder - Los Angeles, California, USA

"My journey to Peru was an unforgettable experience. Q'orianka and Peter took care of all the details so I could just enjoy the days and experience many magical moments that words cannot describe. I received so many gifts from this journey.

In the past I had been ill. Although I was healed, I was left with the fear that I was not really cured.  During ceremony, I received a message that my body was healed. From that moment I felt a tremendous freedom.  The way I relate to my body has changed. Now I am certain that my body is strong again.

Also, in the ceremony, I experienced a profound love for my husband and family in a way I had no idea I could possibly feel. The capacity of my heart to give love has expanded and my relationship with my family has grown deeper.

I highly recommend this journey to anyone on a spiritual path; for those women seeking to remove blocks they might have in their lives and for those wanting to take their lives and relationships to the next level. It's a very sacred journey to oneself. One must be there to understand and witness the profound transformation this experience gives you." 

Francisca Moroder

Los Angeles, California, USA.

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