Juliet Kapsis - Connecticut, USA

"When I spoke with Q’orianka on the phone, I felt that she was a real person. There was no judgement, only a peaceful and powerful woman sharing with and listening to me. Her insights on the first call were enough to let me know I was on to something big in my life.

After signing up for the program, things began to shift in my life. People started showing up in my life who saw my talents and my potential. I was recruited for a new job, negotiated a great salary
and am now thrilled to be at work everyday. My days unfold with purpose, excitement and fulfillment. I have been able to ride out some serious storms through the guidance of Q’orianka and hold on during the ride on the bucking bronco that can be my ego and have that become a leisurely gait, one that allows me to stop and smell the roses. Q’orianka has held a mirror up so that I can see my accomplishments and also coached me in how to successfully care for myself first, as I am a care taker for my elderly parents. I have been able to communicate with more clarity and confidence with those in my life. I feel love all around. Working with her has broadened my perspective and also grounded me, to be ok with what is. I am grateful for Q’orianka!"

Juliet R. Kapsis, CHC

Certified Health Counselor & Creative Community Connector
Connecticut, USA

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