Jenny Jackson - New York, USA

"Before taking the ceremonial immersion in Cusco, Peru, I was feeling more and more drained every day, living in between moments of anxiety, fear and a “fake happy life” while feeling sad, exhausted, and crying at night. I had gone through some real hardships, both in my personal and professional life, having also lost a very close family member; battling my own weakened immune system and failed relationship. I was feeling trapped and suffocated in my own life with little hope that it would ever change and no feelings of joy. This was my last glimmer of hope and I felt a calling to take a leap of faith to save my own life.  

The immersion in ceremonies was a wonderful miracle; a life altering journey; a gift from the universe; my savior, my source for hope again and my knowing that a new life awaits me. During the whole experience, I felt so extraordinarily supported, safe and loved. The Inca and Amazonian ceremonies helped me feel more connected with the abundant nature and beauty of the mountains, animals, native people and spirits of this sacred land. I was blown away with the deep rooted connection that Q’orianka and the team have with this land and ancient healing traditions of their ancestors.

I received many lessons and gifts of enlightenment on these ceremonies. I could not actually believe the transformation that happened within me and the way my experiences and interactions have changed with the world. It’s like paths are being opened in front of me and I have such a different lens and feeling towards life and the world. Q’orianka and her team helped me remove the obstacles that were in my way before. The obstacles just seemed to flow out. 

I am a new me and I am excited because I’m getting a second chance at life; actually, to live it for the first time. I cannot thank Q’orianka enough for this and this new feeling of love and peace."

Jenny Jackson

New York, USA