Marlee Forsthoffer - Florida, USA

"My Ceremonial Immersion experience with Q’orianka was life affirming and transformational. Being at a transition point in my life, Ceremonial Immersion was an opportunity to shed an outgrown version of myself with grace and gratitude.

I received the energetic completion I was seeking - like a flower dropping its petals so a new blossom may come forth.

The Coca Leaf reading provided clarity and focus for Ceremony, helping me hold my intention and work in harmony with the Medicine.

A powerful lesson which Q’orianka helped me unearth is that we already each carry within us our own Hearts knowing and wisdom.

Ceremonial Immersion has empowered me to surrender, trust and allow my Truth to be spoken and acted upon, scary as it may seem at the time. It is in this way I’ve become alive, shining my unique light; allowing others to do the same by being who I truly am.”

Marlee in Cusco's countryside during the Immersion.

Marlee in Cusco's countryside during the Immersion.


Marlee Forsthoffer

Environmental Science

Florida, USA