Awaken The Wise Woman Energy Within You - Ritual

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All around the world in ancient times, some women in the tribe felt in their hearts the calling to dedicate their lives to serve the community taking on the role of the Wise Woman, the Sage, often times, the person who people would go to for advice, healing and guidance.

Hundreds of years later, in this modern world, the Wise Woman is still very much needed. In fact, many women are needed to be the conduit of divine wisdom to illuminate this beautiful Earth and make this a better place for all.

The Ritual

Result of performing this ritual: to awaken the Wise Woman energy within You, means to become the best vessel and channel that you can possibly be to access, receive, hold and transmit divine knowledge in service to all.


Wisdom is divine knowledge. Wisdom is everywhere in the Universe. It surrounds us.
It is present in every one of us.
It does not belong to anyone of us, but we all have the ability to access it.


Ritual ONE: Receive Wise Guidance from Your Spirit Guides

You are not here to fulfill your Wise Woman role in isolation. You are meant to be supported, not only by your brothers and sisters here on Mother Earth, but also by your spirit guides.

Your spirit guides are wise evolved spiritual beings of light. Some of them may have been people, who belonged to ancient cultures here on Earth hundreds of years ago.


Your spirit guides want to support you in your spiritual evolution and ability to embody your sacred life purpose. Their mission is to assist in bringing divine light to the planet and they want to work in collaboration with you to make it happen. They are keepers of ancient wisdom ready to guide you and support you along the way.

But how can they communicate with us, share their knowledge and assist us, if we don’t invite them and welcome them into our lives?

The first step to have your spirit guides right by your side sharing their ancient earth wisdom with you is to invoke them and talk to them in prayer through the day every day of your life.

Every day?! This may seem extreme to you (or not), but this step is the golden key that opens the door to your wise guides in the spirit realm. Over time, this practice will become a ritual in your daily life that will support you in walking the path of the Wise Woman.

Would you walk the path of the Wise Woman by our side?

I have created these audio prayer-invocations to your spirit guides as a tool for you to activate and expand in your ability to be an open conduit of divine wisdom. As a feminine leader of the new Earth, I know that you are being called to step into the Wise Woman energy.

There is no time to waste. You are needed.

Make these prayers part of your daily ritual to strengthen your connection to your spirit guides and invite them to assist you in embodying the Wise Woman Energy within You.

I created the following prayers inspired by my own daily spiritual practice to connect with my spirit guides:

Access the following daily prayers - MP3 Audio by clicking the Play button below:


Morning Prayer

Divine Creator of all beings
Angels, teachers and spirit guides
With love and humble heart, I invite you to be present in my life
Share your wisdom with me
Counsel me and illuminate my path
today and every day of my life
Bless my home, bless my job, bless my health, bless my love life with my partner, bless my family and bless my sacred soul purpose
Thank you beloved wise grandparents
Thank you and so it is

Gratefulness Before Meals

Beloved wise spirit guides and grandparents
Today I want to share this delicious food - I am grateful for - with you I want to offer it to You
May you enjoy it
Thank you for all I receive from you

Night Time Prayer

Divine Creator of all beings
Angels, teachers and spirit guides
Thank you for your presence in my life
Thank you for coming to assist me today
Thank you for responding when I call your name
For guiding me, sharing all your knowledge and wisdom with me Take care of me while I sleep and speak to me in my dreams
And so it is


Ritual TWO: Grow in Self-Confidence


To embody the Wise Woman wisdom, means believing that you know what you know and taking action accordingly.


Self-doubt is caused by the ego-mind, that fictitious creation of our mind that talks about confusion, fear of being wrong and fear of doing the wrong thing. Creating doubt is what the ego does in an attempt to protect us from change... from any change, even when it is a good change for us because the ego is an illusion that interprets any change as life threatening.

But, there is no danger.

We are safe when we allow our soul to lead the way. Trust the voice of your soul. Your soul is connected to the divine and the universe.


Divine wisdom is abundant in the universe.
It belongs to no one but is available to everyone.

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Self-confidence is not about believing that you know everything and always have the right answer. Self-confidence is about knowing that you are a channel of divine wisdom.

Believe in yourself, in your ability to be the channel of divine wisdom you were born to be, so that you open up to receive it, transmit it and use it for your greatest good and the greatest good of all.


Follow this process to grow in self-confidence

  1. Make a list of all your past achievements.

  2. List the things you are good at.

  3. Write down the names of 3 women you look up to who embody self-confidence and wisdom. (If you cannot come up with 3 names, don’t allow this to stop you. Continue following the process.)

  4. Write down words that describe the qualities that make those women confident and wise. What do you admire about them? (If you don’t know women who embody confidence and wisdom, come up with words that describe qualities you imagine a confident wise woman would have.)

  5. Now, create a collage or make a drawing with you in the center of the collage. Write down the title: “I am a channel of divine wisdom”, on the next line “I am...” followed by the words that describe the women you admire.

  6. Take the list of your past life achievements and the list of things you are good at and use words from those lists to add them to the collage to describe who you are.

  7. Add to the drawing or collage images that represent the meaning of the words you just wrote.

  8. Place the drawing or collage on your night table and every night connect with it and read the words written on it out loud before going to sleep. Do this for 45 days and let me know if you have noticed an inner shift. E-mail me:


May you always be the Wise Woman channeling divine light firmly grounded on Mother Earth holding the torch for others on this life journey.

Blessings from the land of the Incas, Cusco-Peru.




Q’orianka is an Inca High Priestess and Sacred Transformational Guide who works with awakening women to heal their lives, rediscover their divine essence and step into their sacred destiny.

She comes from an ancient healing tradition of the Inca lineage in deep connection with Pachamama and spirits of nature.

Q’orianka midwifes women’s rebirth into a new life through high ceremony based upon traditional Inca and Amazonian plant medicine. She continues with the thousands of years old legacy of her ancestors in her work now as a priestess.

For more information about Q’orianka’s work, visit the Alturas Spiritual Journeys Home Page.