A Story of Transformation

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Whenever I see something terrible happening in the world such as the latest events in Europe, my heart feels heavy.

I have joined you and thousands of people around the world in prayer for the people who are suffering. They need our love more than ever.

And I have asked myself:

¨What can I do to make this a better world?

¨What can I do to help heal Mother Earth?¨

The response I heard is:


Recommit to being more of who you are.

Live your sacred purpose and allow Divine Spirit to work through you.


I went deep within and memories of my spiritual awakening and the journey of return to myself and my sacred life mission came flooding back.

I had cried all the tears that I could possibly cry after I got divorced from my first husband while I left behind my parents, my home and life as I knew it.

I found myself in a small rural community in a remote island of Canada, lonely, depressed, insecure and clueless about my identity.

I kept my heart open to love, forgiveness and faith and prayed for a life of peace and joy. I needed my life to heal but I did not know how.

The answer to my prayers was a calling to immerse myself in sacred Inca – shamanic ceremonies. Despite having been born in Peru, I did not know anything about the ceremonies and how they would help me transform my life.

I heard and recognized the calling and took action. I made my way from Canada to Cusco – Peru to enter sacred ceremonies.


It was an epic soul journey.

The kind of defining moment that changes the course of your life forever.  


Entering these ancient ceremonies was entering through a powerful loving portal of light. On the other side I found my authentic self and a new life that was even better than I had envisioned.

A life I am an active creator of.

A life in connection with Mother Earth and the Divine.

A life of service doing what I love doing and being truly me.

Since then, I have led many ceremonies.

Every time I am in awe of the amazing gifts women receive when they listen to their hearts and respond to the calling of Mother Earth and the Inca´s healing and life transformational ceremonies.

  • Is there something not working for you any longer?

  • Are you ready to let go of the heavy baggage from the past, to be free to be truly happy?

  • Do you want to break free from old patterns that are distracting you and taking away your power? ... so that you can step into your divine purpose with confidence and ease?

 Now is your time to quiet yourself to listen to your heart.

Are you feeling the calling to journey to Cusco – Peru to shed the old and start living in your divine essence with confidence and joy?

Know that you are not alone. I am here to guide you throughout your journey and hold the sacred container for the New You to emerge.

When we say Yes to being more of who we are, we are committed to living our sacred purpose and become available for Divine Spirit to work through us, we are making this a better world and healing Mother Earth.


We are powerful agents of change bringing new life to this world. 



Learn more about the sacred Immersion.




Q’orianka is an Inca High Priestess and Sacred Transformational Guide who works with awakening women to heal their lives, rediscover their divine essence and step into their sacred destiny.

She comes from an ancient healing tradition of the Inca lineage in deep connection with Pachamama and spirits of nature.

Q’orianka midwifes women’s rebirth into a new life through high ceremony based upon traditional Inca and Amazonian plant medicine. She continues with the thousands of years old legacy of her ancestors in her work now as a priestess.

For more information about Q’orianka’s work, visit the Alturas Spiritual Journeys Home Page.