Elsa Rodriguez - New Jersey, USA

"After struggling with depression and anxiety for most of my adult life, I decided to make a change and invest in Q’orianka’s program. Through our personal one on one sessions, I have been able to climb out of darkness. I have learned that the world around me is what I make of it.

I was constantly in a state of tiredness talking about how weak I felt all the time, accentuating my illnesses. Q’orianka gave me some wonderful exercises and techniques I could use on a day to day basis. Since implementing these tools, I’ve gotten more clients through work; I’ve mended relationships and have felt a deeper connection with other people. Also surprising is my new positive outlook on life and deep gratefulness and happiness with all the blessings around me. Even a mundane task can mean happiness for me now. I feel like truths are being shown to me more and more.  Every day experiences have so much meaning. I know this will be my best year ever. Thank you for all that you do. I loved our sessions and miss them!"

Elsa Rodriguez

Early Intervention Therapist

New Jersey, USA