Regina R. - Florida, USA

"The experience was empowering. It provided clarity and tranquility that I hadn't known for quite some time.

The pilgrimage to each sacred site was humbling and within those moments Q'orianka provided insights and intuitively guided me through my journey. She innately provided comfort, as I was contemplating leaving a position that was causing me great distress affecting my health and happiness while the ceremonial work allowed me to face my fears. Q'orianka reaffirmed my intuitive skill set and encouraged my growth.

Initially, I did not hesitate to be a part of this journey but afterwards I became nervous about the cost and time off of work that it would entail. However, these worries left me once I arrived in Cusco as I knew that I was meant to be there and I simply had to be present and open to receiving whatever the day would bring. I am grateful for the opportunity to choose something that was healing for myself. Through this experience, I was able to start appreciating that side of myself that I unintentionally ignored and devalued and I was able to quit my job and start building a life that reflects my values and honors the person I want to share with the world.

If you are considering embarking on this journey but still unsure, I encourage you to ask yourself, Why I am not worth it? Self-care is a concept that was unknown to me in a tangible way. I was a chronic giver of my time and energy to others. Once I started saying YES to myself, I became aware of the parts of me that had been preventing me from living a life that fills me up with joy. Life will bring you obstacles but you always have a choice. Which will you choose?"

Regina R.

Community Herbalist & Visual Artist

Florida, USA

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