8 Signs you are not in your essence


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On this episode, we’ll uncover the most common signs of not being in your divine essence and I’ll share the first step you can take to change that.

On the second segment of the program, we’ll pray together to become aware of where in our lives we have become disconnected from our divine essence and to have the courage to create the changes that are needed to return to our authentic selves.

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Q'orianka is an Inca High Priestess, a life transformational healer, sacred guide and featured speaker guest at online and live events inspiring and raising women's consciousness. She is devoted to assisting awakening women around the world to heal, transform their lives and return to their divine essence and a life of joy as the leaders on purpose on Mother Earth they are meant to be.

Q’orianka serves women through her signature private distance program “Divine Woman Emergence” and leads the private, sacred retreat "Life Healing Transformational Immersion" in Cusco-Peru where she guides women on a profound life healing journey together with her team of trustworthy heart-centered healers. Ancestral Inca and Amazonian ceremonies are at the core of this sacred portal to the fulfilling life women’s souls have been yearning for.

Q’orianka is sharing the wisdom through her monthly podcast “DivineEssence” and blog “Musings From The Soul”.

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